Adatbázisok méretének lekérdezése

Az alábbi lekérdezés segít megnézni, hogy mely adatbázisok, mennyi helyet foglalnak.   USE [tempdb] CREATE TABLE #DatabaseSize ( [database_name] sysname, [type_desc] nvarchar(50), [state_desc] nvarchar(50), [size_in_MB] bigint ); EXEC sp_MsForEachDb 'USE [?] INSERT INTO #DatabaseSize SELECT DB_NAME(), type_desc, state_desc, SUM(size * 8 / 1024) FROM sys.database_files GROUP BY type_desc, state_desc ' SELE... [More]

cliconfg.exe on different platforms

I love when people set up alias for their SQL Server installation; and wondering why it is not working (Of course complaining to DBA’s that the SQL Server remote access is not enabled ). Well, remote access is just fine, alias as well… then what can be the problem? Let’s see in a real world scenario: Running an application on Windows Server 2008 R2 can be both 32 and 64 bit application. If the alias created using the 64 bit version of cliconfg.exe and the application is built for 32 bit, it w... [More]