max server memory beállítás

Az elmúlt időszakban több SQL Server beállítását is meg kellett vizsgálnom. Általban a max server memory beállítás mindenhol az alapértelmezett, dinamikus értéken volt: akár a szerver összes memóriáját is elviheti az SQL Server, ami igen komoly "lassuláshoz" vezethet. Alapvetően a max servever memory beálításnál az alábbi para... [More]

Project Server undocumented reserved keyword

I work with Microsoft Project Server 2010 and found that there are some undocumented limitations. We needed to add a new ECF (Enterprise Custom Field) and named it to ParentProjectUID. This should work without any problem, but it does not! I think it is a reserved keyword for future usage or because of the [dbo].[MSP_EpmInternalProjectHierarchies] table which has a column called ParentProjectUID. Repro steps: Create an ECF custom field and name it to ParentProjectUID.  create... [More]

Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.SimpleObjectKey' ... etc.

This is a very funny error message . I saw, you guys are looking for this, but it was published in Hungarian. Now I translate the article to English. You got this error message when you are trying to schedule an SSIS package. This occurs because of the different service packs for the SQL Server installation. You should run the service pack 2 setup (download from here: and apply the ... [More]